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Chronixx Takes Boston By Storm

Chronology Boston-21Some will say that reggae is a revolutionary music that educates people on an insight into society and connects people from a multitude of cultural backgrounds. On Friday 24th February, Chronixx and the Zinc Fence Redemption, members of the new reggae Renaissance movement performed on NBC’s The Jimmy Fallon Show. His brief four and a half minute performance of two of his forthcoming album Chronlogy due out this spring Majesty and Likes. It was more than evident that he was a bit timid and holding back. This was just a prelude of his Chronology Tour which is currently taking place consists of 34 shows across the United States and Canada which also features two songstresses Jah 9 and Kelissa.

Fast forward one week to Friday 3rd March inside Boston’s legendary Paradise Rock Club the Chronology Tour touched down to a sold out audience of over 940 people. The night opened with DJ sets by Boston’s very own Evalast Movement and New York’s Max Glazer of the Federation Sound respectively. They peppered the crowd with their latest reggae hits and set the pace for what was yet to come in.

Just after 10 PM the major festivities were led off by Jah 9 as she sang her ever popular single New Name. Her set lasted approximately 30 minutes and was well received by the patrons. Later on in the night she graced the stage again alongside Chronixx.

People were delighted to see the much heralded Chronixx perform since his last stop in Boston back in 2014. Fresh off his performance the previous night in New Haven, CT, he opened with his inspirational ode Alpha and Omega. His hour and forty five minute musical journey took the crowd on a mystical roller coaster ride, which included duets with Jah 9 and Kelissa. Please pick up a copy of her new album Spellbound which includes her chart topper Best Kept Secret.
Chronixx regaled with his tracks on both, The Dread and Terrible Project as well as the forthcoming Chronology. It was fair to say the whole B87.7 FM family was also present and are the authority on reggae music in Boston. This means many more spectacular reggae shows to ensue in the upcoming months. They have in fact raised the bar on concerts of this magnitude.
Chronixx ended the show on a high note with Champion sending the crowd into a frenzy of utter pandemonium. This greatly anticipated show definitely lived up to all the hype that it was worth.